deleyCON SATA 3 Cable Set 2x SATA III Cable with Straight Plugs + Y Power Adapter Cable – SSD HDD Hard Drive

deleyCON SATA cable set
A deleyCON SATA cable set allows you to ensure the right connection.
You can easily connect up devices such as SSD, HDD, hard drives, DVD or Blu-ray drives to your PC.

Technical highlights
All components in the deleyCON SATA cable sets have standardised,
custom-fit, stable connection plugs. The SATA III data cables have a practical
clip interlock which prevents them from slipping out. The highly modern SATA III
generation conveniently allows you to access band widths of up to 6 Gb/s.

Areas of application
The deleyCON SATA cable set can be used anywhere for upgrading and converting
your computer. The set includes components which are required for data and power
connections of devices with SATA connectors. For example, these include:
SSD / HDD / hard drives / CD drives / DVD drives / Blu-Ray drives etc.

– deleyCON Universal SATA cable Set for PCs and other computers
– Universal SATA III data cable – 2x straight plug
– Universal SATA Y power adapter cable
– SATA III transmission speed of up to 6 Gb/s
– Universally suited to SATA devices such as SSD / HDD / hard drives / CD / DVD etc.
– Clip fastening on the SATA cable plugs
– Standardised, custom-fit, stable connection plugs
– Downward compatible with older SATA versions

Delivery contents
– 2x deleyCON 0.5m (1.64 ft.) SATA III cables – 2x straight plugs – red
– 1x deleyCON SATA power adapter cables