deleyCON Mounting Frame for 2.5″ Hard Drives SSDs to 3.5″ Adapter Removable Frame Mounting Frame Bracket Rails Incl. Screws SATA Cable Power Adapter & Screwdriver

deleyCON 3.5″ mounting frame SET for 2.5″ hard drives / SSDs

Suitable for installing a 2.5″ HDD or SSD in a 3.5″ PC bay.

– Connect 1x 2.5″ HDD or 1x 2.5″ SSD hard drive
– Suitable for all SATA connections (SATA1, SATA2, SATA3)
– All 2.5″ SSDs and 2.5″ HDDs fit in the standard mounting frame
– Suitable for all common PC cases
– Perfect fit for ALL SSD brands and computer manufacturers
– Mounting frame made of metal – Ideal for cooling the hard drive / SSD

Suitable screws included in the scope of delivery (8 pieces)
0.15 m power adapter 4pin to SATA power included in the scope of delivery
0.6 m SATA 3 cable included in delivery (1.5 Gbits / 3 Gbits / 6 Gbits)
screwdriver included in delivery

With the deleyCON mounting frame SET you have everything from a single source, what you need to upgrade your PC / computer quickly and easily with a new 2.5″ hard disk r 2.5″ SSD.

Scope of delivery:
– deleyCON 3.5″ installation frame for 1x 2.5″ HDD / SSD
– 0.6 m SATA 3 cable (1.5 Gbits / 3 Gbits / 6 Gbits)
– 0.15 m power adapter from 4pin to SATA power
– 8 screws including washers
– Screwdriver

NOTE:Not compatible with i M ac. / PC housing may not be compatible with rail systems.