deleyCON Mounting Frame for 2.5″ Hard Disk SSD to 3.5″ – Adapter Hard Disk Mounting Frame (up to 2x 2.5″ Hard Disk HDD or SSD) Removable Frame Holder

deleyCON mounting frame 2.5″ hard disk SSD to 3.5″ adapter

Hard disk mounting frame (compatible with up to 2x 2.5″ hard disks HDD or SSD)
Bracket removable frame mounting frame bracket rails frame incl. screws

Product features

– Installation frame incl. screws, cable & screwdriver
– 2.5″ to 3.5″, suitable for all SSD’s – Suitable for all PC cases
– SSD mounting frame for a PC/computer case
– Bracket/frame for 2.5″ hard drives or solid state drives. Perfect fit for all brands!
– Removable frame / installation frame allows easy installation of an SSD in a computer case