deleyCON 2x 50cm (19.69 Inch) S-ATA 3 Cables + 2x SATA Power Adapter 4-Pin – HDD SSD Data Cable With Clip – 1x Straight Connector to 1x Straight Connector – Yellow

deleyCON S-ATA 3 cable set – 2x SATA 3 cables [straight connector] + power adapter
This high-quality deleyCON S-ATA 3 cable set allows you to connect all devices
that feature an S-ATA connector. These cables are ideally suited for connecting
devices such as hard disks, SSDs, CD / DVD / Blu-ray drives and burners, and many more.

Outstanding quality
deleyCON S-ATA 3 cabled are manufactured to the latest technical standards.
These flexible, cables feature an internal AWM Style 2725 26AWG conductor
wire to ensure smooth and rapid data transfer.

Technical highlights
deleyCON S-ATA 3 cables meet all contemporary standards with their ability to
offer data transfer speeds of up to 6 Gbit/s. Their excellent build quality
guarantees smooth, first rate, and secure data transfer.

In this version, the deleyCON S-ATA 3 cable set offer the following connectors:
1x S-ATA 7-pin L-type connector [straight] to 1x S-ATA 7-pin L-Type connector [straight]
Power adapter: 4-pin 5.25 power connector to 2x 15-pin S-ATA connector

The SATA connectors are lockable to ensure a better, more secure fit.
These cables are also backwards-compatible with older S-ATA versions.

The deleyCON S-ATA 3 cable set is compatible with all devices that come with an
S-ATA connector, including hard discs, SSDs, CD / DVD / Blu-ray drives / burners and other computer accessories.