deleyCON 15cm (5.91 Inch) S-ATA Power Adapter Y-Adapter – 1x SATA Socket to fit 4x SATA Straight Plugs – Internal HDD SSD SATA Power Cable – to Power up to 4 Devices – Y SATA Power Cable

deleyCON SATA power adapter / Y power adapter cable
Bring order to your PC cabinet. Prevent your wires from becoming tangled up,
and optimise connections of your devices such as hard drives and SSDs.

If your power supply doesn’t have enough SATA connectors, the deleyCON SATA power
adapter is the ideal solution. The deleyCON power adapter allows you to power
up to 4 components via one electrical connector.

Supreme quality
deleyCON SATA power adapters are manufactured in accordance with the latest
technical standards Thanks to standardised SATA sockets and plugs,
there is maximum compatibility and a wide variety of possible ways to connect up.

Technical highlights
The quality deleyCON SATA power adapter enables you to power up to
4 devices from one connector (e.g. HDD / SDD). The SATA plugs have an interlock
that ensures better, more secure tensile strength.

Connection 1: 1x SATA power socket [straight]
Connection 2: 4x SATA power plugs [straight]

The deleyCON SATA power adapter is compatible with all devices that have a
SATA power connector. It provides an optimal power supply to your PC components
such as: hard drives, SSD, CD / DVD / Blu-Ray drives / CD burner und other computer accessories.