deleyCON 0.25m (9.84 Inch) CAT6 Patch Cable S/FTP PIMF Shielding CAT-6 RJ45 LAN DSL Network Ethernet Switch Router Modem Access Point Patch Fields – Black

deleyCON CAT 6 patch cable network cable
With the high-quality deleyCON CAT 6 network cable you can connect your network-capable devices in an instant.
Thanks to the most modern CAT.6 technology you can reach maximum transfer speeds.

Outstanding quality
It has particularly conductive, gold-plated contact areas that provide for a first-class data transfer with no loss.
The high-quality manufactured cable with copper internal conductor ensures a secure transfer even in continuous operation, practically eliminating all disturbances and losses of speed.

Technical highlights
deleyCON CAT-6 network cables are designed for maximum transfer speeds. (Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit).
Connections: 2x standardised RJ45 network plugs. Shielding S/FTP.

Innovative and diversely applicable
The standardised RJ45 network plug ensures use in a range of devices with RJ45 network connectors.
Thanks to a special anti-kink protection, plugs and cables are connected to a very stable unit, so loose connections can be a thing of the past.

deleyCON CAT6 patch cable / network cables are compatible with all devices that have an RJ45 network connector.
Among others this includes: PC, computer, notebook, laptop, modem, DSL-router, switch, network cameras, network printers,
game consoles, smart-TV, Hifi receivers, media players, internet radios etc.

CAT6 patch cable / network cable
Shielding: S/FTP
CU copper internal conductor
Connector: 2x RJ45 network plug
Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit
tested up to 250 MHz
Internal conductor: 4x2xAWG 27/7
high-quality gold-plated contact areas
double-sided anti-kink protection and latch protection

Modellnummer EAN
MK1965 4250580106531
MK1966 4250580106548
MK1967 4250580106555
MK1968 4250580106562
MK1969 4250580106579
MK1970 4250580106586
MK1971 4250580106593
MK1972 4250580106609
MK1973 4250580106616
MK1974 4250580106623
MK1975 4250580106630
MK1976 4250580106647
MK1977 4250580106654
MK1978 4250580106661